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Applied Science Labs provides 21st Century bio-engineered solutions to provide100% nontoxic bed bug elimination and prevention products.

Independent field trials show that bed bugs are eliminated in one treatment.  The leave behind kill formula means only ONE treatment and bed bugs are GONE and remain gone for 12 months.   Room back in service the same day.


100 % Non Toxic No Odor Won't Stain Hypoallergenic Don't throw furnishings away. One Treatment ... and done.

OR Save Time and Money, avoid liability by treating for prevention.  Independent field trials Certified by the American Academy of Entomological Sciences shows proper treatment prevents bed bug infestation for up to ONE year.


Learn about the STAR POINT Prevention Program.

 Do not wait for infestation.  TREAT your entire property in advance for prevention.  A written Record of Application and a Certificate for every room and area treated confirms your commitment to the comfort, health and safety of every guest and employee.

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